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becoming perfect.

I recently had my low self-worth brought to my attention, and it was thrown into the spotlight with this statement: "You feel like you have to work for God's favor." Not only did I disagree, but I was offended. How dare she make that great assumption about my relationship with God? And if I'm being completely… Continue reading becoming perfect.


newsflash: you’ll never be good enough.

Now if the ministry of death, carved in letters on stone, came with such glory that the Israelites could not gaze at Moses’ face because of its glory, which was being brought to an end, will not the ministry of the Spirit have even more glory? For if there was glory in the ministry of… Continue reading newsflash: you’ll never be good enough.


you are more.

I recently got a new tattoo. A simple, three-word phrase: “you are more.” When I decided that I wanted it, I said that I wasn’t going to share it with anyone. I changed my mind, okay? Get over it.Throughout this past year, my life has spiraled out of control. From family drama to friend drama… Continue reading you are more.