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Into the Light.

I’ve contemplated sharing my story for years. I’ve written and re-written this story, trying to perfect the words so that I speak as eloquently and gracefully as possible. Over those years, I’ve realized that eloquence is not always necessary, but transparency is. I am sharing my story because 50 innocent lives were taken at Pulse Nightclub… Continue reading Into the Light.


how to handle the homosexual

There have been many comments made about the recent Federal Ruling regarding same-sex marriage in North Carolina. Some are excited about the freedom to be able to marry who they love, and some are devastated at the thought of Biblical Morality crumbling in this modern world. When it comes down to it, gay marriage is… Continue reading how to handle the homosexual


waiting on redemption

I have decided to combat my habit of not reading God’s Word by choosing a word to study each week. I just want to spice up my Word life, you know? This week, the word I have chosen is Redeem.I was taken to Job 19:25. After he has been beaten down for almost twenty chapters,… Continue reading waiting on redemption


duck, the debate.

I wouldn’t be a true blogger if I didn’t write about the “Duck Dynasty” explosion, right?My opinion of the show doesn’t matter, because I don’t watch it. I know, I know. I’m not a true ‘Merican. I don’t have cable, but I probably wouldn’t watch it if I did. I’m just not a big fan… Continue reading duck, the debate.


I am no different

Someone recently told me that I am no different from all of the other crappy people that they know. I am just as awful as the other people in this world who have caused them pain. I am not worthy of their friendship, and my attempt to “save them” was not going to work.I was… Continue reading I am no different