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Into the Light.

I’ve contemplated sharing my story for years. I’ve written and re-written this story, trying to perfect the words so that I speak as eloquently and gracefully as possible. Over those years, I’ve realized that eloquence is not always necessary, but transparency is. I am sharing my story because 50 innocent lives were taken at Pulse Nightclub… Continue reading Into the Light.



I came up with a mental list of New Year’s Resolutions. One of those was: “I will work on my relationship with God!” I am determined to perfect this relationship. I am determined to be walking so closely with the Lord that our feet may as well be tied together. I will be a Super-Christian.… Continue reading resolutionizing


an overwhelming rest

Who knew that the way to get overwhelmed is to rest?That probably sounds backwards. But it is the truth.I spend a lot of time complaining about my relationship with God. It is a big part of us. If he was anything less than perfect, he may complain about me too! What I have slowly (very… Continue reading an overwhelming rest



“We forgive, because He forgave us.” What a load of crap. Literally nothing in me wants to forgive someone when they cross me. Who do you think you are, going behind my back? Who do you think you are, eating the last krispy kreme donut in the break room? Frickin’ jerks.As much as I like to… Continue reading forgiveness


turn down for what?

I studied communications in college, and we had to learn so many theories and models. I never thought I would actually use them, but today, I am! In the process of communication, there is a communicator (messenger), the channel of communication, and a receiver. There are a few things in between, but those are the main… Continue reading turn down for what?


I should take my own advice more often…

You know when you're really enjoying a class you're taking, you're learning a lot, and maybe even thinking, "I could really see myself applying this to my life someday!" And then all of a sudden, that teacher that you're really getting along with throws a mid-term in your face. You're probably thinking, "What the heck,… Continue reading I should take my own advice more often…


Livin’ on a Prayer

My prayer life sucks. I know every Christian would probably say that, but I bet mine is worse than yours. When I sit down to pray, I usually get my little list of prayers out, look over it for a few seconds, maybe add a name or two to the list of the already existing 5… Continue reading Livin’ on a Prayer