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Into the Light.

I’ve contemplated sharing my story for years. I’ve written and re-written this story, trying to perfect the words so that I speak as eloquently and gracefully as possible. Over those years, I’ve realized that eloquence is not always necessary, but transparency is. I am sharing my story because 50 innocent lives were taken at Pulse Nightclub… Continue reading Into the Light.


I went to Target.

I went to Target this weekend. I know what you're thinking (ew, yucky!), but hear me out first. As I was checking out, I noticed that the cashier was, well, different from me. I won't go into detail, but given what has been going on lately, you could probably assume. As I was waiting in… Continue reading I went to Target.

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Psalm 16

King David had a beautifully raw perspective on life. If anyone understands what ultimate satisfaction looks like, I think David had a pretty good grasp. In Psalm 16, he speaks about his reliance on the Creator. You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you. [Psalm 16:2]  He is hyper-aware of God’s goodness. Even though he is a King, he… Continue reading Psalm 16


how to handle the homosexual

There have been many comments made about the recent Federal Ruling regarding same-sex marriage in North Carolina. Some are excited about the freedom to be able to marry who they love, and some are devastated at the thought of Biblical Morality crumbling in this modern world. When it comes down to it, gay marriage is… Continue reading how to handle the homosexual


underwhelmed by the overwhelming

I really don’t even know how to produce this blog post. It is not filled with anger towards God or thankfulness towards grace. If anything, I am feeling very indifferent right now.I am underwhelmed by the Gospel.Am I even allowed to say that as a Christian? That the goodest good of all goods is not… Continue reading underwhelmed by the overwhelming


how to be normal

I have noticed a weird pattern among Christians. A pattern that is causing so much distress among believers and maybe even some kind of prejudice among one another.We all want to be normal.When I became a Christian, I felt freedom. I realized that I had a God who loved me unconditionally. I was overwhelmed by… Continue reading how to be normal