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Psalm 16

King David had a beautifully raw perspective on life.

If anyone understands what ultimate satisfaction looks like, I think David had a pretty good grasp. In Psalm 16, he speaks about his reliance on the Creator.

You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you[Psalm 16:2] 

He is hyper-aware of God’s goodness. Even though he is a King, he realizes that there is no good to be found that is gooder than God’s good. In this moment, in this Scripture, David can think of nothing else in the world that can bring him peace like the Gospel. He is resting in God’s refuge. David can think of no better place to seek comfort. Which is bewildering to me, honestly. He can literally have whatever he wants. As a King, he has unlimited access to…everything. But somehow, he has come to the conclusion that momentary satisfaction does not compare to the presence of the Eternal. How? How did he come to that conclusion?

I feel like I am starting to find a central theme in what I am learning about God. I am not satisfied. It’s not that the Gospel itself is unsatisfactory, but that my heart cannot grasp how incredibly satisfactory it actually is. I long to wake up one morning and and actually enjoy the stillness and the silence of God’s refuge. I long to understand what it looks like to understand there is no good apart from the Lord, and be okay with that; to be overjoyed by that.

I find myself to be completely dissatisfied. I am discontented with life; if I have something good, it’s not long before I am seeking something gooder. My soul craves the next best thing. Whether that is iPhones, relationships, apartments, jobs, etc. There will almost always be something better. We are created to crave the best thing. Our minds get clouded with false ideas of just what that thing is. How do I change that about myself? I can’t.

The most beautiful thing I’ve read lately is Psalm 16:6.

The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.

Again, David blows my mind. He’s not speaking about his Kingdom. He’s speaking about God’s Kingdom. David has come to the realization that ultimate satisfaction is found in the eternal promises that God gives. He has an inheritance that allows him to spend eternity in Heaven with the One that created the universe! Wow. When that is the end result, what else do you need right now? Nothing I tell you, nothing!

I get lost in the false promises of momentary satisfaction. I get consumed by chasing after the next best thing. I can’t rest and be satisfied with anything, because I know something “better” is waiting to be found. My lying heart has convinced me of this, and my stupid brain decides to listen.

As a surrendered child of God, we are promised the same eternal, beautiful inheritance that David is so consumed by. There is nothing better. There is no good that is gooder. To be in line for an inheritance means you’re guaranteed to receive it one day. It means that no matter where I am or what situation I find myself in, there is an inheritance waiting for me. It means that I am already in position to receive it. I need to do nothing to earn this inheritance, because it has been promised to me. The trivial things that sell me momentary “satisfaction” on this earth are nothing in comparison. What’s the point? The sucky situations I find myself in do nothing to change my inheritance that has been promised to me. The loneliness I feel when I think about my relationship with God doesn’t change the fact that there is eternal goodness waiting for me. My feelings and emotions do not change the Truth.

My responsibility is to enjoy that promise, and nothing else. It’s natural to look forward to an inheritance. This situation is no different, except for it’s much better than any other inheritance I could possibly dream of.

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. [Psalm 16:11]

In Christ, there is no fear. I can know, with confidence, what I have to look forward to. I know the end result. I know there is a beautiful inheritance. The path of my life cannot lead anywhere else when I am in Christ. That’s an amazing realization. There’s literally nothing more comforting than knowing your life is preserved and your inheritance is unwavering. I think the only possible way to understand this reality the way that David does is to live in a state of remembrance. I must constantly remind myself of this inheritance, of God’s refuge, of His perfect presence, and of His glory.

Nothing I rely on for this kind of satisfaction on earth will be able to hold the weight of my worship. I will always seek something better and more “fulfilling.” My identity will continue to mold itself into my surroundings until I can open my heart and mind to receive this beautiful inheritance that David so confidently writes about. While David is proof that even those who pine for the Lord can fall tremendously hard, his life reflects a deep understanding of the Gospel that I long to experience for myself.

I want to hold onto these promises of God. In a world where nothing can provide never-ending satisfaction, let me turn to the Lord.

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