how to handle the homosexual

There have been many comments made about the recent Federal Ruling regarding same-sex marriage in North Carolina. Some are excited about the freedom to be able to marry who they love, and some are devastated at the thought of Biblical Morality crumbling in this modern world.

When it comes down to it, gay marriage is now legal in North Carolina. Whether you are rejoicing or in mourning, that is the reality of the state you live in. Now, how do we move on from here?

I hope that this post can shed a little bit of light on the best way to approach the non-Christian homosexual.

Pray. Thank God for the fact that he has redeemed your soul from the very pits of Hell. Praise him for paying the debt for your sin that completely separated you from God. According to Romans 3:23, all have sinned and fallen short. And a little further into Romans (6:23), we see that the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. Wow. You have been redeemed from this. That’s amazing and powerful, right? That at one point, you were dead. Completely dead. Christ came and rescued you and gave you literal, eternal life…the moment that you surrendered your life to him. Without Christ, you are nothing. And if you can’t pray this genuinely and thank God for saving you, have you ever given your life to Him?

Build Relationships. The absolute best way to reach a lost person with the Gospel is by meeting them first, right? It’s kind of impossible otherwise. We are called to get to know the people in the cubicle next to us. We are called to meet our neighbors. We are called to invite the weird kid to have lunch with us. How else will we ever further the Gospel if we don’t? Not only meet these people, but get to know them. Learn their story. Develop a relationship with this person. Begin to do life with these people. Become actual friends with the people around you. This is called living intentionally and is what I believe the most effective way to bring the non-Christian to Christ. Standing on a street corner yelling about how the unbeliever is going to Hell may be true, but does absolutely nothing when it comes to bringing people to Christ.

Share The Gospel. In a sermon I heard recently, The Great Commission slapped me in the face for the millionth time. God calls us to make disciples of all nations. We are called to share the Gospel with the unreached. The pastor said “Evangelism is doing regular life with Gospel intentions.” As Christians, we aren’t called to do anything other than live a life surrendered to Christ, and show others how to do the same. Once you have completed Step 2, then you should share the literal Gospel with your friend or friends. Tell them the amazingly good news that you reminded yourself of in Step 1. Ask that friend if they want to surrender their life to Christ. Ask them if they want a relationship with God. Challenge your friends. If you truly love them, you wouldn’t keep that news to yourself. What’s the point of all this if you’re not sharing your faith? If you truly believe that eternity is real, Hell is real, God is real, and Jesus is real, do you understand the desperation we should have to ensure that all of our friends, family, and everyone else we come in contact with know this information?

Notice how I didn’t use the word homosexual? If I was a gay non-Christian, I would think that the Bible is nothing more than 6 verses “condemning” homosexuality (I rarely hear/read anything other than what the Bible condemns and I am a Christian). I would never, ever go near a church because the only thing that I would have ever heard about God is how much he despises homosexuality, and therefore despises me. But isn’t there much more to the Gospel than what we choose to show on our Facebook statuses? The Gospel is supposed to be the good news. That’s literally what it means. How can we show anyone the GOOD NEWS of CHRIST if we are too busy writing paragraphs about what you think the Bible says about “the gay agenda?”

If the only time you decide to be an “evangelist” is when something like gay marriage becomes legal, Hobby Lobby decides to not provide birth control, or a new season of Duck Dynasty comes on, then you’re worthless. What are you truly concerned with? Your brother knowing Christ, or the world knowing that you appreciate “Biblical morality?”

I know, you’re going to say “well if the gays are allowed to be vocal then I am too.” You would probably be excited if, after being with the same person for 50 years, you are finally allowed to have documented proof. This is completely understandable. What is not understandable are all of the “Christians” that come out of the woodwork to condemn gays and mourn over this ruling. Where have you been? Where? If you believe that turning from homosexuality is what will make someone worthy of God then you are sadly mistaken. We are all completely disgusting in the eyes of God. Being a homosexual doesn’t make a person unworthy, being a human being makes a person unworthy. We all need the Gospel equally. Don’t go around saying, “love the sinner, hate the sin.” Love your fellow sinner. Preach the Gospel. SHOW THEM WHO CHRIST IS. I don’t know everything about the Bible, but I can promise you that no gay person will ever want to explore Christianity if all they ever see is condemnation. We are all in this together.

Jesus came and died for the sinful human. Gay, straight, whatever you are, Jesus died for you. The playing field is completely level. You will never escape sinfulness, no matter how straight you are.

When you start to construct your perfect Facebook status about the morality and sanctity of marriage, think about the fruit you have been bearing in your life. How many people are you pouring into? How many lives are you investing in? How many people have you shared the Gospel with lately? When is the last time you shared your testimony? How many of your coworkers don’t know Christ? Have you invited them to lunch lately? If the last time you shared your faith was in 140 characters or less, you’re doing it wrong. The crazy thing is, you can be a Christian and be an imperfect human (thanks to Jesus). But you absolutely cannot be a Christian and bear no fruit. If you’ve never shared your faith with anyone, then do you even have any? How faithful are you to this message you claim to believe?

Let us not focus on how “destructive” and “inconvenient” gay marriage is, but instead focus on the Kingdom of God and how we can bring people to it. I am getting pretty tired of seeing the endless arguments that are happening over things like this. And I know, I am completely guilty of getting involved. But what are we fighting for, brothers and sisters? The minute we get off of Facebook and go next door is the moment that we start doing what God actually called us to do. He never asked us to defend Leviticus to a bunch of people who have no idea who Jesus is. If they don’t know Christ, nothing else matters. Just remember that. What is truly important to you?

2 thoughts on “how to handle the homosexual”

    1. John, I appreciate the fact that you at least read the title of my blog. But my sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with the content of this post. Comments like this are the reason that it’s very hard to have a conversation with people about homosexuality and Christianity. Thank you for illustrating that. Please, feel free to actually read my post. People like you are the reason I wrote it 🙂

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