Hobby Lobby and American Christianity

The recent SCOTUS ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby stated that certain for-profit companies cannot be required to pay for specific types of contraceptives for their employees. This ruling apparently focused on four contraceptive drugs in particular; these specific contraceptives are considered to be similar to abortion because of the way they prevent pregnancy.

Hobby Lobby has been fighting for this for a while now because it is against the owners’ religious beliefs to provide a means for abortion. Many Christian people are saying that this is a huge step for “religious freedom” and Christianity in general. I think I might have to disagree (bet you didn’t see that coming…).

When I think about privately owned Christian businesses like Hobby Lobby refusing to provide things that go against their beliefs, I become confused by their ultimate motives. What is the goal here? Are they trying to further the Gospel in the workplace, or are they trying to force their morality on their employees? It’s a safe bet that not all 13,000 of those employed by Hobby Lobby are Christians. It’s also a safe bet that some of the women who were using their insurance to purchase contraceptives are not Christians.

My question to the owners of Hobby Lobby is this: Do you think that by cutting women off from contraceptive medication, you are bringing them closer to Christ? I just don’t know if that’s true.

What we are doing is blocking off the Church from the rest of the world. I get that the Church should not be worldly. But do we want to push everyone who doesn’t agree with us as far away as possible? We are building some kind of wall around the Church and only allowing those who follow our moral standards to come inside. That’s not fair, and definitely not godly.

I am not saying that Christians should compromise their beliefs in order to please and relate to society. But I am saying that refusing to serve those who disagree with your beliefs is not going to bring them to know Jesus any more than throwing contraceptives in their face would. It’s not about pills.

The owners of Hobby Lobby (the Green family) have a very large mission field. They currently have about 13,000 employees. I can imagine that they will lose some employees as a result of this ruling. I know, I know, they don’t care because they are “standing firm in their beliefs.” But what about the unwed mother who doesn’t know the Gospel? What about the18-year old cashier who believes her worth comes from men wanting to have sex with her? What about these women who rely on these contraceptives because they literally do not know another way to find joy or hope other than sex? These women, if they are as awful and un-Christian as Hobby Lobby apparently believes contraceptive users are, NEED THE GOSPEL. And the Green family is doing nothing but shutting that door in their face.

[I do not believe that all contraceptive users are non-Christian whores, just to throw that out there. I’m not sure what the owners of Hobby Lobby think about contraceptive users in general, either. But the non-Christian contraceptive user is the one who will be most affected by this ruling.]

American Christianity continues to leave a bad taste in the mouths of non-Christians in this country. It’s wonderful to have convictions about something and firmly believe it, even if it means facing ridicule. But to be more concerned with contraceptives than sharing the Gospel with those who are using them…there is no Jesus there. We get so stuck on batting individual sin out of the Church that we forget how much sin is embedded in our being. We cannot and will not ever be able to escape sin. I don’t think God’s plan for his people was for us to outlaw everything we consider sinful. His plan and task for us is to make disciples of all nations, to share the Gospel, and to chase after him. I don’t think that a major corporation denying thousands of people birth control is going to accomplish that. I don’t even think it will come close.

There are very few, if any, non-Christian people who will look at this SCOTUS ruling and think, “wow, thank you, Green family. Because of you, I want to have a personal relationship with Christ.” And if that is not the concern of the Green family, then I question their relationship with the Lord as well.

There is so much more to Christianity than following a moral code. And when the American Christian realizes that, people will start being won over for the Gospel. Until then, we will continue to have battles about contraception, homosexuality, race, etc. to the point where the world is disgusted with Christianity. People will be blinded to the Gospel, and we are the ones blinding them.

Jesus does call us to create disciples. That is individual, life-on-life evangelism. That simply cannot happen when you blast thousands of people with your morality. Humble yourselves. Get on the level of these sinners and learn their stories. Figure out who they are, what they love, who they love, what their favorite freaking color is. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. You want to further the Gospel? Get to know that cashier at Hobby Lobby who takes contraceptives and learn her story. Love her. Give her hope. Reflect Jesus to her, not the 10 Commandments. How can we “be fruitful and multiply” if we refuse to put our hands in the dirt and plant seeds?

And for the Christian blogs that I have read saying that this is simply the government following the 1st Amendment, I disagree with you. Because “we” won, we can just call it a governmental decision. If Hobby Lobby had lost, it would have been considered detrimental and a downfall because Christianity is being lost in America…don’t even play! We obviously do not believe in God’s redemptive power if we are relying on the Government to make that happen. Our mission is not to force everyone to agree with Christian “rules,” but to freaking share the love of Christ with them. Why don’t we give that a try?

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