dat baby

I’m not going to type a long message about how “Jesus is the reason for the season.” Because, DUH.

I usually prefer to blog about how much my relationship with God sucks. But today I’m just thankful for Truth. Truth that is True, regardless of how I feel!

In my family, we read the Christmas story from Luke every year. For some reason, I have been the designated “Bible Story Reader” for the past few years. I’m not usually amazed by this story. After all, Jesus hadn’t done anything cool at this point. He was a baby. Babies can’t do anything except lay there and cry. I’m sure Mary and Joseph were like “uh, hello? Do you understand me? Jesus?” They were probably confused as HECK. He’s a freaking baby! How does he have the throne? Kingdom? Please. But they knew something was special about Him.

Then, there were the shepherds. They were just chilling in the fields somewhere and all of a sudden…ANGELS. Can you imagine that?! Panic. Terror! And then a bajillion other angels pop up and start singing praises to God. What do these guys do? They go in haste. Obviously.

They have no clue what they are chasing after, but they go. They know it’s something good. These guys are either crazy, or they were blessed with the knowledge that they were about to see something truly amazing. When they get there, it’s a baby. In a manger. In a barn. So naturally, they start praising God. They are freaking out over this baby. He’s a miracle! They go and just glorify God for what they had seen.

What did all of these people know about Jesus? I’m not sure. I don’t think they really had any idea what He was going to do for the entire universe. I don’t think they really understood ALL of the power that the little guy had. But they knew that He would do something amazing.

I know what Jesus did. I know that He grew up to be this perfect servant of God. He was God in the flesh. He lived a sinless life and then died a miserable, gruesome death. And because of that, I have life. I no longer have to try to be good enough for God. At the beginning of time, thousands and thousands of years ago, God thought about me and said, “yep, she’s it. I want her. When she’s born, she’s mine.” That’s why this baby was born. That’s why Jesus was on this earth. So that one day, I would go, with haste, to meet my Savior. And the only response when that happens is to fall on my face, glorifying and worshiping God.

So instead of remembering why Jesus is the reason for the season, I want to remember why the heck Jesus was born at all. He was born for me. That’s such a beautiful gift.

[Luke 2]

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