duck, the debate.

I wouldn’t be a true blogger if I didn’t write about the “Duck Dynasty” explosion, right?

My opinion of the show doesn’t matter, because I don’t watch it. I know, I know. I’m not a true ‘Merican. I don’t have cable, but I probably wouldn’t watch it if I did. I’m just not a big fan of semi-scripted reality television shows. I’d rather go outside and live in actual reality. But I’m not knocking anyone that does follow this show.

My opinion isn’t even really based on what Phil said. If you didn’t read the article, Phil paraphrased some Scripture about homosexuality and made the statement that he doesn’t agree with that lifestyle and that it is unbiblical and sinful. I will not argue with what Mr. Robertson said. Have your opinion, brother! Voice it! I’m all about standing up for what you truly believe in. He probably knew some of the backlash he would receive, but he felt like he was honoring God. I feel the same way about A&E’s decision to cut him from the show. They are standing up for what they believe in too, knowing that their decision could potentially hurt their network’s ratings. Everyone is making a sacrifice because of their beliefs. Go them. 

My opinion of Christianity has been changed. What is wrong with you people? Does it really take some bearded duck hunter to make you stand up for your faith? Does making Phil Robertson your profile picture on Facebook prove that you are a believer? No, not really. It proves that you are standing against homosexuality (I’m not saying you’re not allowed to have that viewpoint). It does not make you a martyr. It makes you a “hater.” Because while you will say that you’re standing up for “freedom of speech,” you’re actually saying, “I stand up for freedom of speech, as long as it goes along with my Christian values.” A&E is exercising their right to kick someone off of their network who’s beliefs don’t coincide with theirs. Why isn’t anyone making the A&E logo their profile picture? Because that isn’t freedom of speech…it’s bigotry? How confusing.

I am embarrassed by some of the statuses and comments I read on social networks. I would delete you all, but then I wouldn’t have anything to entertain me when I log on and look at my newsfeed (that’s probably sinful of me, woops). Here’s the thing: comparing Phil Robertson to Chic-Fil-A lets me know that you are jumping on the anti-gay bandwagon. YES, you can argue all day long that homosexuality is a sin. But is it THE sin? NO. Is homosexuality the thing that is ruining Christianity? Nope. Sinful people ruined this world (which is all of us). Thank God that He sent His SON to die for our disgusting, dead souls. 

Tell me the last time that writing a long status about the abomination of homosexuality brought someone to Christ. Because I would love to hear about it. I’m sure it would be a beautiful story, if it ever actually happened. Tell me the last time that making your profile picture say something ignorant about freedom of speech and ‘Merica did anything for the Gospel. Once again, you are not a martyr. Just stop.

I wish that we “Christians” were as concerned about spreading the Gospel as we are about standing behind Phil Robertson. My gosh. I have never even walked over to my neighbor’s house to meet them and I’ve lived in a house that is connected to theirs for almost six months. Are they believers? I have no clue. They don’t speak much English, and I am too lazy to try to communicate with them. I am ashamed to even admit that. It is a S H A M E. We don’t bend over backwards to bring people to Christ, but we will go out of our way to win a Facebook debate on why Phil Robertson should be placed back on A&E and why the network sucks for exercising their right to remove him.

Who the duck cares? Who cares? A&E and the Duck Dynasty crew will survive without each other. Why don’t we stand behind the Gospel? Why are we standing behind this bearded man? I know he might look like a redneck version of Jesus, but he isn’t! Get off of Facebook and go into your community! Build relationships with people and share the GOSPEL with them. Don’t write on their wall and tell them that they are going to Hell because they don’t agree with ole buddy Phil. Quit posting article after article about how Phil Robertson is the only good thing on TV. Quit debating your ignorance. It’s not furthering the Gospel, it’s pushing people away. Whatever happened to discipleship? If we are really this determined for people to know the Truth, then why are we not pursuing them the way that Jesus did? 

We really need to refocus on what’s important here. Jesus is important. Following Christ is important. If you feel convicted to stand against homosexuality, then do it, but please find a less ignorant and less harmful way to do so. Study some Scripture, don’t just listen to Phil. Read your Bible. Know why you believe what you believe, and then stand by it. Phil Robertson will be the first to tell you that his words mean nothing and that God’s Word means everything. Let’s focus on that, not his paraphrased opinion in GQ magazine.

I love Jesus, and I follow Him. I am a failure, but I am redeemed. And I would rather the world know that about me than my views on homosexuality and freedom of speech.

7 thoughts on “duck, the debate.”

  1. I agree with much of what you said. The debate shouldn’t be about freedom of speech or anything like that. I do believe that we as christians should be quick to defend our brother and the message that he was expressing. He was not simply calling out homosexuality, rather, all sexual sin to include heterosexual sex outside of marriage. But like I said, Im on board with you here.

    Also, this is interesting (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/21/phil-robertson-duck-dynasty-return_n_4485646.html). It seems like A&E is more concerned about the money that they make as opposed to what they actually believe. Duck Dynasty is one of the most watched TV shows out there right now, and it makes A&E a lot of money.

    Thanks for the blog post!

  2. “Why don’t we stand behind the Gospel?” Why dont you? the Bible is very clear that homosexuality is an abomination detestable in the eyes of God, yet your post seems like a subtle defense of it. You champion free speech, but only when A&E exercises theirs. What about how A&E did their part to silence Phil’s free speech? Thats why people are supporting him and not A&E – they did the harm here. No one is a “hater” when they support someone who’s free speech was violated, all in an effort to raise awareness of that violation.

    Although I’m with you that there are more effective ways of being a vessel of God than changing your profile pic, namely witnessing to others, but can’t we do both? A&E silenced our God’s word, can’t we get fired up and show support? Shouldn’t you be too?

    “[C]omparing Phil Robertson to Chic-Fil-A lets me know that you are jumping on the anti-gay bandwagon.” How are you so sure that they havent always been anti-gay, Bible reading Christians? How do you know they just jumped on a bandwagon now? Do you think that because PHIL said anti-gay things that they are now anti-gay? Or is it because they were raised to follow the Bible which says it’s a sin?

    “YES, you can argue all day long that homosexuality is a sin. But is it THE sin? NO. Is homosexuality the thing that is ruining Christianity? Nope.” So what do you mean? Because homosexuality isnt the worst sin that we shouldnt acknowledge it? What about stealing? That’s not the worst sin either so in your opinion should we quit acknowledging it too? If so, I’m on the way to your house.

    I think your angry at how upsetting the whole Robertson ordeal is for the gay community. That’s very understandable. But sweeping the issue that homosexuality is a sin under the rug in an effort to avoid upsetting gays about their sins is irresponsible for you to do. They need to KNOW that God says their actions are an abomination. Dont you want to save souls?

    Just because true Christians want to let gays know they’re doing wrong doesnt mean theyre callous. Very rarely do you get the Westboro Baptist-types who say “God Hates Fags.” Most of the time, Christians approach gays in a very bedside manner way, explaining very nicely that God loves them, but dislikes the sin they commit.

    But, fortunately for you, most Christians dont even make the effort to save the gays from their sin. Most of them just wait until a public, national-scale Chic-Fil-A or Phil Robertson event to express their beliefs. That way they’re hidden from the direct spotlight, shielded with anonymity provided by millions of fellow Christians all screaming the same thing. This makes me angry, but not as angry as I get with people who share youre beliefs that we just shouldnt address the issue. It’s Christians like you who wax soft on the gay issue that eventually will have gays in church being told their lifestyle is okay, that that part of the Bible is “outdated” or “behind the times.” Remember, young lady, God told us not to change his word. You’re post is a subtle defense of a abominable sin.

    1. I appreciate your comment, brother.

      I would like to point out that I never expressed my views on homosexuality. I don’t think that really matters in regards to what I’m trying to say here. I’m sorry if it wasn’t clear enough for you.

      I think my point in this post was not to defend the homosexual lifestyle but to point out that no, I don’t believe homosexuality is ruining Christianity and no, I don’t think it should be the main focus of Christians. It seems as if it is constantly thrown into the spotlight as the main issue that Christians face.

      I did state in my post that I am a fan of standing up for what one believes in. I love it. I love passion and conviction, and I have both. I would hope that A&E does not have the power to silence Phil Robertson from sharing his beliefs. If anything, I think they allowed him to do it even more freely, wouldn’t you agree? So no, I can’t say that I’m standing by A&E for kicking Phil off because honestly, I don’t care. That is not my argument here.

      In regards to my comment about Chic-Fil-A and Phil Robertson being compared to one another, this was my point: Are we more upset about Phil not being able to express his faith as a whole, or are we more upset that A&E supports homosexuality? I would hope that it’s the first one. Which, up until now, A&E has allowed him and his family to express their faith pretty freely (I think. Once again, I don’t watch the show). I’m just saying that we are focusing too much on pinching homosexuality out of everyone instead of sharing the Gospel with them.

      I don’t recall saying anything about ignoring sin in this post, and if you got that vibe, then I’m sorry for the miscommunication. Sin is very serious and very damaging. It is what separates us from God. It is what nailed Jesus to the cross. I believe sin is completely detrimental to my relationship with God. I believe that I was born into a fallen, sinful world and could never possibly escape that sinfulness, because it is a part of me. I also believe that God send his only Son to live a perfect, sinless life so that he could fulfill the law. In doing that, He cancelled out the “law of sin and death” and gave me life. Sin should be acknowledged, sure. But I believe in relational evangelism, not cold-call. I believe in discipleship, not stabbing. If you think that standing on a street corner yelling that gays go to Hell is an effective ministry, then do it. I don’t feel that way. I think that if you’re going to approach someone’s sin, then you should know them and understand their struggle first. That is true discipleship. Jesus called out sin every day, but He knew them first. He loved them first.

      Would you also not agree that the “CHANGE” of heart doesn’t happen until after someone surrenders their lives to Christ? I would hope that you wouldn’t want to imply that someone should change who they are in order to be accepted by God. After all, we are not a works based religion and we can never be good enough for God. That’s the point of Jesus. Even if we are going to approach homosexuality from the standpoint of “it is sin,” you still can’t expect a homosexual to change who they are before coming to Christ.

      Please don’t come to my house, you won’t find anything worth stealing except a couch from the thrift store and an ancient TV (with no cable).

      I love sharing the Gospel. I love teaching people about surrendering their lives to Christ. It’s wonderful to experience and be a part of. I can’t save a soul, though. I let God do that. I just share who Jesus is and how He changed my soul and let God do the actual work in their hearts.

      I don’t know if you’re from the Bible Belt, friend, but that is not how “the gays” are approached typically. And this message was directed more at those who do not know how to approach sin in general.
      I believe all issues, struggles, sins, should be addressed. But on a personal, relational level. That is my problem with using Facebook and Twitter to argue against such things. If you disagree, then please, by all means, continue updating your status regarding the situation.

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