It’s a twerkfest out there!

Thousands of fan girls across the world are now weeping over Liam Hemsworth’s poor choice of a fiancé. “Why?! Why her? She’s awful! Trashy! Disgusting!” 

I don’t have cable so I missed whatever show Miley Cyrus put on at the VMAs. But I read enough tweets to know that it was not well received. 

So why Liam, why? What does he see in her, exactly? Why does he keep her around? Dump her already! I’m a better match for you! Really though. I wonder how he has managed to not SPRINT in the other direction, but he hasn’t. Despite what fans and probably friends and family are saying, he’s still with Miley. Something about her causes him to stay in love. 

She sings about partying and drugs, grinds all over other men, and is clearly out of control. He obviously sees something we don’t. 


“We can do what we want, say what we want, love who we want, kiss who we want, see who we want…”

“We can’t stop, we won’t stop”

“We own the night”

“We run things, things don’t run we.”


Go ahead Miley, #twerk on girl. I mean, she’s right. No one can tell her what to do. Maybe she really CAN’T stop this madness…? 

 I’ll probably never twerk across the stage at the VMAs (only because I don’t know how to twerk — I’m VMA worthy), but I know that I have done a lot of stupid, embarrassing things in my life. Nothing I’ve done is ever trending on twitter, but I’ve disappointed people. It happens. 

I think I’m Miley Cyrus. Who in their right mind would ever say that? I am in a #twerkfest of sin and I’m about to get first place in the competition. 

I do what I want, say what I want, see who I want, etc. I believe that I run things, and I definitely can’t just stop. How do you just stop sinning? Impossible. Much like Miley’s twerking addiction, I am addicted to sin. 

Liam sees something in Miley that we will never ever see. When Liam looks at Miley he doesn’t see a girl grinding on a giant teddy bear, he sees the love of his life. People don’t understand and they think he can do better, and that she doesn’t deserve him. He stays. 

I think if God had a bunch of buddies up in Heaven they would probably ask him WHY he is wasting his time with me. “Like, she’s not good. She treats you like crap. Look what she’s wearing! No fashion sense. Seriously, she’s worthless. She can’t even dance.” You see, not only am I a twerk-a-holic, I’m a prostitute. I am a dirty prostitute that whores herself out to the world and completely runs away from God (Hosea 2:5) to get anything and everything my slimy hands can touch.  But obviously, he sees something in me too.  When God looks at me, he sees Jesus. He sees perfection. He sees me and wants me. He brings me back because I’m worth it and he refuses to let me get away (Hosea 2) and He promises that nothing is ever going to take me away from Him (Romans 8:37-39). We are all just one twerk away from eternal damnation, completely undeserving of the love that God has for us. He stays.

I might think I own the night, but Christ owns the light. The GOOD news about my situation is that whether or not Liam sticks it out with Miley, God is with me for the long haul. No matter how many times I embarrass myself in front of the world on national TV, God will love me. I can’t stop, and I won’t stop sinning. He can’t stop and won’t stop forgiving. His anger for me turns into compassion and comfort, because I am his beloved (Isaiah 12:1). 

So, I’m tossing a shout-out to Miley Cyrus, for reminding me of the Gospel this week.

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