Jesus who?

I try to spend some time in the Word every morning before I start getting ready for work. I have had some  moments where I really feel connected with the Lord during these times, but usually, my mind looks like this:

“What do I want to eat for lunch? I can’t believe I buy my lunch every day. My bread went bad though, I have no choice. I wonder what I’ll find on Netflix tonight. It’s only 6:30 in the morning and I already want to go back to sleep. What would happen if I missed work? I’m poor. I should tweet something, it’s been 6 hours, people are going to wonder where I am.”

I go through an entire process. I fix coffee, get my Bible out, and dive in. I have a devotion that directs me to certain verses each morning. Read the paragraph in the devotional, find the verses in my Bible, pick up my phone, scroll through twitter. Then I think, “NO KATHERINE THIS IS A SPECIAL TIME,” and throw my phone down and start trying to spend some quality time with God. But then, I start thinking about everything I have to do and how I’m going to get it done. Am I really going to sit here when I have dishes to do, trash to take out, clothes everywhere, groceries to buy; the list goes on. Obviously, a big issue for me is money. I can barely afford gas, much less buy lunch every day. But I don’t have time in the morning to fix my lunch, and my bread has gone bad (this whole bread thing is really getting to me).

See how easy that was to go on a tangent about worldly things? This happens to me most mornings. I was directed to Luke 10 this morning, when Jesus is welcomed into Mary and Martha’s home. He’s obviously about to unleash some mighty Jesus wisdom on these women but Martha just can’t sit still. She starts cleaning the kitchen, fixing some drinks, churning butter, and doing whatever women did back then; meanwhile, Mary is just chilling. She’s sitting at Jesus’s feet, in awe that she’s in the presence of the Holiest, the Son of God. While Martha is annoyed at Mary for not helping serve, Mary’s probably thinking about how dumb Martha is for not listening. I can see it now, “DUDE, this is Jesus Christ, that crazy guy everyone’s been talking about! How can you ignore this?!” I’m even shaking my head at this point. If Jesus was in my house I know I wouldn’t be in another room cleaning (I probably wouldn’t be cleaning regardless). Martha is so dumb!

I am Martha.

Jesus is in my home. Every morning when I open up His life story, he is ready to teach me some of His wisdom. And then I realize that I have so much to take care of, so much to do, that I just kind of forget to pay attention to Him. How can anyone do that? It’s like Martha forgot that Jesus was there. HELLO, she let Him into her home. Why invite Him in and then ignore Him? Would I do that to Beyonce? Would I forget that she’s sitting on my couch? Probably not. I’d be in there jumping up and down screaming “Love on Top” in her ear and doing the “Single Ladies” dance, hoping she would make me her backup singer.

But if Jesus is sitting on my couch: “Hey Jesus, come in, but I have a lot going on right now. I’d say you could watch TV, but I don’t have cable…”

NO. Seriously?! How dumb does that sound? I get so caught up in wanting to figure out and clean my life up that I forget about the only one who actually has the ability to do that. The world is not going to end if I don’t clean my kitchen every morning. Sometimes you just have to sit at His feet, forget about cleaning your mess up, and listen to what He has to say.

Be Mary.

Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her. [Luke 10:42]

2 thoughts on “Jesus who?”

  1. Thanks- this was exactly what I needed to read today. Glad I’m not the only poor, college grad Martha out there. Keep up the good fight- miss you.

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