Withholding the water

four years ago, if you had asked me what I would be doing when I graduated college, I would have probably told you that I was going to live abroad and work with nonprofit organizations to fight to end poverty in third world countries. I would NOT have told you that my plans were to leave my friends behind, move back in with my dad, and get a job waitressing at a family owned seafood restaurant in my small, country hometown. Guess which one I am doing? If for some reason you can’t assume that my life isn’t playing out exactly how I’d planned it, it isn’t.

After a series of unfortunate events, I have found myself back home for the summer, unsure of where I will end up in the fall. As my boyfriend John Mayer so eloquently puts it, “I am in repair.” This summer will be a summer of healing, seafood, and falling in love with my Savior while remembering truly, how precious his grace appeared the hour I first believed.

That being said, I recently started trying something new–reading my Bible. In a time of self-pity I decided to start reading through Job. I figured he would make me feel better about myself; his life got pretty miserable for a while! I mean, he wasn’t stuck at home with his family instead of having a “big girl job” post-grad, but he did lose everything he loved in a matter of a few days. Who has it worse?! But Job, being the righteous, humble man that he was, refused to hate God and be bitter. At least, so far. I don’t know what happens after chapter 14, so don’t ruin anything for me. 

I wish I could be like Job. I have no clue how he does it. He lost his family, his property, everything. He doesn’t even have his looks to get him by anymore! But he continues to praise God. He is so confused and hurt, but he doesn’t want to hate on his Lord. Even while he doesn’t understand what’s going on, he’s trusting that God is doing something great and will rescue him. I thought that was awesome, and then I came across this verse:

“If he withholds the waters, they dry up;

if he sends them out, they overwhelm the land.” 

Job 12:15

WHAT! How crazy is that? God loves water, Jesus loves water, and Katherine loves water. Throughout the Bible, we can read that water is a big part of God reaching people. His love is referred to as the fountain of life, we read about rivers of living water, Jesus freaking walked on water, and even his first recorded miracle was him turning water into wine. Water is everywhere, people!

Can you imagine physically not having any water in the entire world? What the people would be like? How thirsty and weary they would be? But what if someone came up and said, “I have news! There’s water! It’s coming, it’s coming…” how would those people change? No longer would they be sad about not having any water. Instead, they are getting ready for the water; so excited that they can taste it. Some of them may even have a calendar marking down the days until the water comes. They’ve forgotten what it’s like to have it. But man, they can’t wait to be reminded. There is a new hope, that this water is coming. And then, it comes! Water everywhere, all at once! How overwhelmed they must be. Swimming in the water, drinking the water, just sitting and enjoying the moisture that they haven’t felt in so long. It’s perfect. The entire dry spell has been forgotten, because the water has literally washed it away.

God can withhold water. Job is at a point in his life where nothing is going his way and he’s pretty miserable. God is withholding water! And when he does that, it’s completely dry. But it doesn’t end there. I can’t speak for Job just yet, but I know that God has the ability to overwhelm the land.

Lately, I’ve felt like God is withholding the water in my life. It’s dry. But I want to be like Job. To look forward to the day that God has promised, the day that he will completely overwhelm me. Oh what a day that will be! So for now, here I am, holding onto the hope and sitting in a dry pool, waiting for God to pour out his living water all over me, reviving my soul.


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